MASTERCLASS: Increasing your Capital Raise with IRAS

Tap into the opportunity of raising capital for your deals with investors’ IRAs. Assure and Alto IRA have recently announced a partnership enabling investors to use their IRAs to invest in deals with Assure. Learn how you can educate existing LPs, and acquire new investors for your deals, by educating them on the opportunity to deploy capital from their IRAs, and the many benefits associated with doing so. Many are unaware that IRAs invested in alternatives like your fund. Your investors will be pleased to learn that their retirement portfolios can be diversified to include private equity funds, hedge funds, and startups.

For your investors:

  • Tax advantages of using an IRA to invest in SPVs
  • Diversifying portfolios into alternative assets

With the recent partnership announcement, Alto IRA's Tara Fund and Assure's Miles Millard come together for this Masterclass to break down how to capitalize on IRA investing strategies with your LPs.


September 15th, 11 am PST, 2 pm EST

This will be a 1-hour program, including 15 minutes for Q&A during the live session. 


Tara Fung

As Chief Revenue Officer for Alto IRA, Tara is responsible for helping the firm execute on its mission to democratize alternative asset investing by supporting investors, advisors, and deal sponsors in unlocking retirement funds from the confines of the public markets. Prior to Alto, Tara was Chief Commercial of CommonBond, a FinTech firm focused on addressing the student debt crisis. Tara is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of South Carolina.


Miles Millard

Miles Millard is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Assure. Miles has an extensive background in settlement and reconciliation of global firm cash flows in multiple currencies. He has also partnered with global reference data teams to evaluate operational risks and identify control gaps.  Miles has worked closely with technology teams to develop and implement data strategy for all entity and pricing data. His previous experience includes Stirba & Associates and was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.



Partner Highlights


 alto-favicon-blueAlto has built an easy-to-use and enjoyable user experience. Their pricing is simple: with no hidden fees. They’ve moved the entire process online and include the counterparty in the transaction process—saving you the burden of massive amounts of paperwork.


alto-favicon-blueThe AltoIRA puts the investor in the driver’s seat of their retirement account, allowing them to select the investments they want while maintaining the same tax advantages as other IRA accounts.


alto-favicon-blueThere is no legal distinction between a traditional IRA and a self-directed IRA. While traditional, Roth, SEP, and other IRAs can all be “self-directed” (meaning you choose what to invest in), most brokerages and custodians don’t allow investments in unregistered securities, frequently referred to as “alternative assets.” With The Alternative IRA®, Alto investors have the control and flexibility to invest their IRA in assets uniquely suited to long-term investing—like startups, real estate, and more.